Inspiring Hearts and Minds

School Council


The council is a liaison between parents, teachers, administration, community and School Board to encourage communication, involvement and cooperation with the goal of maximizing individual student learning and enhancing school life.


Between Council and Parents

  • Inform parents of current school activities, events and issues through the Website, school bulletin board, newsletters, and other specialty mail outs
  • Plan and promote school initiatives through the use of volunteers
  • Promote an environment of respect within the school community for all our program
  • Promote awareness and participation in school and community initiatives that enhance whole child education
  • Provide a link to parent resources (books, articles, websites) through the bulletin board, website, speakers and presentations.

Between Council and School Administration/Teachers

  • Solicit regular feedback regarding Council activities/priorities from teachers and administration
  • Advocate for additional resources for students in need

Between Council and Local Boards

  • Open lines of communication with School Superintendent/Board of Trustees as well as other school boards


Through the Support of Supplemental Learning Resources

  • Provide financial support for the development of the library’s resources
  • Provide financial support for the purchase of classroom-based learning resources

Through Student Enrichment Programming

  • Maintain citizenship awareness by bringing in relevant speakers
  • Support school-based healthy living & eating initiatives
  • Foster awareness in the school community of council's annual initiatives

Through fundraising activities that support the goals of Council and ERS (Elizabeth Rummel School Foundation)

  • Identify fundraising activities/priorities that align with ERS objectives around students’ citizenship and advance the goal of maximizing academic, social, physical, emotional and creative learning
  • Ensure fundraising activities are transparent, thoughtful, and aligned with ERS values and Division operating guidelines.


General Contact

School Council 2022-23

Chair- Trevor Rogers

Vice-Chair - Marion Owens

Secretary- Vacant

Treasurer- Joanna Burrel

Volunteer and Pizza Lunch Coordinator- Laurin Duncan

Fundraising Coordinator- Reinira Lankhuijzen

Social Media Coordinator- Melanie Birch

Grant Writer- Anna Hrychuk

Parent Council Meeting Minutes March 21, 2023

Parent Council Meeting Minutes February 15, 2023

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Parent Council Meeting Minutes October 5th, 2022

Parent Council Meeting Minutes September 13th, 2022