Inspiring Hearts and Minds



It is the mission of École Elizabeth Rummel School to maximize individual learning in each area of development: academic, social, physical, emotional, and creative. We do this by setting high standards for learning in a safe community that recognizes and accommodates learning differences, and fosters risk-taking, curiosity, and independence. We do this so that our students will become confident, successful, tolerant, accepting, respectful, and responsible contributors to society.

To succeed in our mission, our vision for learning includes instruction in:

  1. Literacy and numeracy
  2. Social Skills: Independent thinking, functional life skills, organizational tools
  3. Respect: Listening, responsibility
  4. Expectations: consistency, life long learning


Commitments to Each Other

We will…

  • Be supportive and respectful
  • Be team players who listen and share
  • Be accountable and committed
  • Model school values
  • Have a positive attitude

When our students leave we want them to be different as a result of being at ERS.

We will…

  • See students who are respectful and cooperative
  • See students who believe that learning involves effort, risk and personal triumph
  • See confident students who have experienced success

We have fundamental beliefs about how children learn and we have a role in making that happen.

We will…       

  • Provide a diverse learning environment
  • Foster respect and tolerance
  • Support each other, and our students in collaboration with our learning community
  • Provide a safe and caring environment where the basic needs of children are met
  • Provide an environment that encourages risk taking