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French Immersion

French Immersion Students

The French immersion program provides your child with the opportunity to become functionally bilingual while achieving success in all areas of the Alberta curriculum. French immersion is modelled after how children acquire their first language. Bilingualism is an asset in both academic and personal pursuits as it opens students’ minds to other languages, cultures and avenues to success. 

Alberta Education has produced a resource called "Yes, You Can Help!" that provides information and answers the questions parents may have about French immersion.

Here is another resource with more detailed information about the history and philosophy of French immersion in Canada. Many second-language programs around the world have been based on the Canadian model.

CRPS offers French immersion to students from Kindergarten to Grade 9 (Look under "Unique Programming under specific grade levels for program details.) Parents may choose one of two options for French immersion Kindergarten:

  • Full-day French immersion
  • Half-day French immersion

We invite you to join us at Elizabeth Rummel School for a virtual experience in a Grade 2 French immersion classroom! The second video is of kindergarten children performing at a school assembly.

Bon visionnement!