Lunch Supervision

The vast majority of ERS students are bussed and therefore eat their lunch at school. At 12:00 noon, Grade 1 - 3 children eat their lunch in their classrooms. At 12:20 they go outside to recess or to supervised activities. They are supervised by paid lunch hour supervisors during this period. If parents wish to take their children out for lunch, they are asked to pick up their children at the office and also to sign the "Sign-out Book." Lunch break for Kindergarten full day students begins at 11:15.

In order that all children will enjoy a relaxing, pleasant lunch experience, our rules of conduct apply. 1. Treat others with kindness and respect. 2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself 3. Follow directions the first time. 4.  Smooth movement in the hallways. 5. Use courteous language. 

In the lunch room, students are expected to: 1. Remain in their seats. 2. Use a quiet voice. 3. Eat their own food. 4. Use good table manners. 5. Clean up their eating space. 6. Wait to be dismissed. 7. Respect their Lunch Supervisor.  Activities or behaviour which endangers the safety of students and/or staff, which infringes on the rights of others, or which shows disrespect to students, teachers, staff members or school or personal property will not be tolerated.